The Real Estate Agent

The Vibe Session is designed to amplify or unlock your individual vibe. Whether it be in a model home, back of a ski boat, your favorite coffee spot or whatever else describes “you” - this is your chance to “break the scroll” when people are searching for their next agent & stand out. 

We will collaboratively create the moments that’ll have you connecting confidently with your audience by dissolving the awkwardness of a standard “photoshoot”, no matter how awkward you think you are (you are just perfectly you)...and frankly having an eff ton of fun doing it. 

Whats Included?

  • Vibe Session Consult Call
  • Vibe Check in prior to shoot
  • Outfits / Location of choice
  • 1-2 hour session
  • 25 photos
  • Gallery delivered images + post marketing tips tailored to your shoot (captions and vibe we curated on the shoot)


Model Home

For the fresh - nothing's like home feel to your branding. You will have scenes throughout the home.

Community specific - booking upon builder rep approval.

City Vibe

Brand your vibe in the city/area you want to showcase in your content. Downtown areas & parks bring out your city's vibe!


Have a favorite coffee shop, happy hour or business you want to highlight - or just want your photos in there? Let's boogie and go!


Props are the "pop" of your Vibe Session!

Bring the props that most associate to your brand - if its got your logo, slogan or branding on it - bring it to your session!

Vibe Checks

Monthly \ Quarterly Session

After your branding session - to keep your content fresh you can book your "Vibe Check" Its the sprinkle of concentrated or themed content in mini sessions monthly or quarterly. I'd love to chat with you more about this at our session!